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What the Chocolate Makers are doing now...

Posted: Wednesday, 24 August 2016 by Robyn

We are EXCITED! - we are heading off to Canberra this Saturday for our annual visit to bring our chocolates to all of our Canberra customers.... Read More

Renaissance Chocolates and Renaissance Farm Bed and Breakfast are situated in the wine growing region of Rutherglen.  It is in this wonderful food and wine area that we have opened our Couverture and Coffee Room where you can enjoy a unique chocolate experience! 

Visit the Couverture and Coffee Room at Renaissance Chocolates to share our chocolate passion, watch us hand crafting our truffles and pralines and experience the aroma and taste of unique, quality artisan chocolates.  You can then choose a gift for friends or an indulgent gift for yourself from our wide range of handmade chocolates and Rutherglen Wine Truffles.

Sit down with friends and relax with a coffee, pot of tea or hot chocolate - and enjoy with a chocolate or two - or three! Or perhaps some white chocolate scones, or a chocolate brownie.

At Renaissance Chocolates you can also browse a select gift range and a supply of local preserves.

Our philosophy at Renaissance Chocolates is to create unique, high quality hand made chocolates in small quantities for consumption when fresh, full of flavour and mouth watering complexity.