Renaissance Chocolates
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About Us

Renaissance Chocolates grew out of a desire to value add to our Bed & Breakfast - Renaissance Farm, and to use Neil’s knowledge of the science of chocolate and Robyn’s love of using fine ingredients to make different fillings.  Neil’s background and for a long time his line of employment has been in food process engineering.  During that time he has worked with chocolate in mass production but always felt a passion to work with chocolate in a more simple, artisan, hands-on manner.  Whereas Robyn just loves cooking – cooking for family and cooking for guests in the B&B and relishes the opportunity to use the finest local ingredients to design a menu especially for each dinner.

It followed then that our Rutherglen Wine Truffles and Pralines are handmade using the finest Belgian Couverture, famous Rutherglen fortified and sparkling wines, and locally sourced pure cream, honey, nuts and fruits.  Neil makes luscious rich caramels and Robyn makes the various ganache (chocolate and cream) fillings and jellies.

Renaissance Chocolates is a family business and our creed is ‘to use high quality couverture to make unique hand made chocolates and to employ local people and use local ingredients where possible – all the time treading as lightly as possible on our environment.’

Our ‘Renaissance’ is expressed in our handmade chocolates – a revival in our lives and business ambitions. 

Enjoy our passion!

Robyn and Neil Funston